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230 - 52nd St., SE, GR, MI 49548

Ph. 532-1574    Fax 616-532-1569                                           

Director of Transportation. - Mrs. Kristin Nickelson

Please Note:
Students whom are eligible for transportation should be at the bus stop closest to their home or daycare 5 minutes before the scheduled time for AM pickup.  The Transportation Department will notify the schools and parents of return PM drop off times by phone or mail. Drop off times will generally be between 3:30-4:30pm.                                       

Parents are responsible for arrangements to have someone meet younger students (Kindergarten/1st grade) at PM bus stops.  


All students are expected to follow these guidelines whenever they are riding on a school bus:
1. Obey the driver and follow his/her guidelines.
2. Stay in your seat and keep hands and head inside the bus.
3. Enter and leave the bus only when it is stopped, and always cross in front of the bus at a distance where you are plainly visible to the driver.
4. Talk in a quiet voice.
5. Do not eat on the bus.
Any student who cannot follow the guidelines may lose their bus privileges. Bus Conduct reports will be issued when rules are not followed. Parents will be notified when their child receives a bus conduct report. Upon receiving a 3rd bus conduct report, bus privileges will be lost for one (1) week. The parent will have to provide transportation during that time period.