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West Kelloggsville Elementary

Student Belongings Pickup
2020 Winter Writing Contest Winners
The English Departments across the district came together to put on a district writing contest this winter! These students were our building's winners! Stay tuned for the end of the school year for another writing contest! Our winners are:
Yamileth Rios-Feliciano 1st Grade Ms. Lathrop
Zethare Morales 1st Grade Mrs. VanderWeele
Giovani Hernandez Aguilar 1st Grade Mrs. Lathrop
Arturo Carrillo-Rodriguez 1st Grade Mr. Welles
Mauricio Garcia-Saldana 1st Grade Mr. Welles
Isabella Stahle 1st Grade Mrs. VanderWeele
Na'Vohn Fly 2nd Grade Mrs. Deur/Mrs. Brace
Alexander Martinez-Vasquez 2nd Grade Mrs. Deur/Mrs. Brace
Isaac Lamas 2nd Grade Mrs. Wilhelm
Alexandro Ochoa 2nd Grade Mrs. Wilhelm
Brianna Bowman 3rd Grade Mrs. Whip
A'shyila Spears 3rd Grade Mr. Robinson
Amariyanna Ganger 3rd Grade Ms. Stratton
Addison Torres 3rd Grade Ms. Stratton
Josue Hernadez-Aguilar 3rd Grade Mrs. Whip
Malachi Havemen 3rd Grade Mr. Robinson
Abby Scheid Kindergarten Mrs. Wass
Laila Mathis Kindergarten Ms. Micele
Lorionah Sherman Kindergarten Mrs. Howard
Jade Hammond Kindergarten Mrs. Wass
Adan Garcia Kindergarten Ms. Micele
Jacob Villegas Kindergarten Mrs. Howard
Madison Ryersbach Kindergarten Mrs. Cinadr
Brianna Chavez Kindergarten Mrs. Cinadr
4555 Magnolia SW, Grand Rapids MI 49548
Ph. 532-1595  Fax 616-532-7475
Grades:  Kdg. - 3rd
Class Time
  Full Day -- 8:45 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.
  Half Day -- 8:45 a.m. - 11:55 a.m.
Principal - Mr. Eric Schilthuis
Secretary - Mrs. Tammy Skinner
Counselor - Mrs. Lisa VanKampen
Student Services Coordinator - Mr. Alexander Johnson