Pandemic-EBT Program

What is the Pandemic-EBT Program?

The Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) Program gives food benefits to families with children who were not able to get free or reduced-price school meals due to COVID.  You may hear about this benefit from other schools or in the media. 

What could make my student eligible for P-EBT?
  1. If the school they attend is eligible for P-EBT (all schools in Kelloggsville PS are eligible) and
  2. If your student normally gets free and reduced meals at school and
  3. If your student is not getting instruction in-person for some or all the month. 
Kelloggsville Pandemic-EBT Important Information-Updated June 2021
Pandemic-EBT Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the methods of instruction for each month. The method of instruction was determined by the state of Michigan based on the percentage of students receiving in-person and virtual instruction during these months:

  • September- Hybrid
  • October- In-person
  • November- Hybrid
  • December- Virtual 
  • January- Hybrid
  • February- In-person
  • March- In-person
  • April- In-Person
  • May- In-Person
  • June- In-Person

For the months that KPS was hybrid learning, parents will receive a reduced benefit for each of those months. The State has already handled that.

For the months that KPS was virtual learning, parents will receive the full benefit for that month. The State has already handled that.

For the months that KPS has been in-person learning, parents of virtual students will need to complete the Reconsideration for Student Pandemic EBT form (below) to receive benefits.

Reconsideration for Student Pandemic EBT form

Tips for Completing Reconsideration for Student Pandemic EBT form:

  • If you have more than one student, you will need to complete a form for each student. For example, you will need to complete two forms if you have two students.
  • Please email Ericka Scott to request your Proof Document. In your email please include the student's first & last name, grade, building, and the months you are requesting.
  • After the form is complete & you have received your Proof Document, you can email these pieces to or mail them into:
         PO Box 30800, SUITE 1405
         Lansing, MI 48909


If you have any questions, please email Ericka Scott with your questions regarding Pandemic EBT.