School Store

We are only able to place in-district orders. We are not able to ship items at this time.

Below are the items that we have for sale for the end of the school year!

Orange Long Sleeve Shirt - $20

Orange long sleeve shirt 

Order at the link below!


Blue Hoodie - $25

Blue hoodie

Order at the link below!


Adjustable Hat - $22

KV Hat

Order at the link below!

Blue Women's 1/4 Zip - $35

Blue women's 1/4 zip

Order at the link below!

Blue Men's 1/4 Zip - $35

Men's Blue 1/4 Zip

Order at the link below!


Blue T-Shirt
**No Image, but same design as the Blue Hoodie to the left**

Order at the link below!


Lanyard - $5


Order at the link below!

How do I order?

Under each image is a direct link to order that item or you can head to look at our entire Kelloggsville School Store inventory


This is an end-of-the-year event for our staff! When you place your order in your check out please let us know which building you work at by leaving a note in the section "Add a note for the seller" when you enter in your payment information during the checkout process. Your order will then be delivered to your building's main office!

Kelloggsville HS School Store

Our School Store is operated by the KHS Introduction to Business and Marketing students and is advised by Mr. Zuiderveen.

We are working towards designing and producing our products in-house by the wonderful students in our business classes!