High School Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at these before sending an email to our online teachers. 

  • How do I get into Google classroom?
    • To get into my Google Classroom, you need to register with your school email. Those Google Classroom codes have been sent to students via email.
  • How do we register our parents again?
    • Please send an email to your teacher with their parent's name & email. We'll get you entered and connected.
  • I work best after 10 am when I am well-rested. Can I start at the time?
    • You can work at any time during the day, but due expire at midnight.
  • I was wondering about the testing days could we please do it on Wednesday?
    • Changes were made at the start of the school year as there are a large number of students online. Odysseyware testing will be done at home.
  • I see that you will be able to see when I'm on but is it a certain amount of hours? Or can I just get my work done and then I'm good?
    • When you are done with your assigned classwork, you are done. However, teachers will compare the time you’re on your computer to what you get done so don’t speed through and then bomb a test.
  • I have multiple Google class codes and am confused, what are all different class codes for?
    • At this time, Ms. Sadler is your online teacher. Other teachers have shared their classroom codes to help out students with specific classes, such as Chemistry, Biology, etc. 
  • I am having troubles with my Chromebook, what do I do?
    • If you head to our Chromebook Help page you can find some videos that may be able to walk you through some problems. It is also a form where you can submit a request to our Technology Department to help with any device issues you may have.