Budget Transparency Reporting

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Board Approved Budget

2021-2022 Budget

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Board Approved Budget

2020-2021 Budget

2020-2021 Amended Budget 12-14-2020

2020-2021 Amended Budget 05-24-2021

2020-2021 Final Amended Budget 06-28-2021

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Board Approved Budgets

2019-2020 Approved Budget

2019-2020 Amended Budget 12-09-19

2019-2020 Amendment Budget 6-8-20

2019-2020 Final Budget 6-22-20

Long Term Debt Obligations

Long term Debt Obligation 2019-2020

Long term Debt Obligation 2018-2019

Personnel Expenditures

Personnel Expenditures 2019-2020

Personnel Expenditures 2018-2019

Personnel Expenditures 2017-2018

Operating Expenditures

Operating Expenditures 2019-2020

Operating Expenditures 2018-2019

Operating Expenditures 2017-2018

Current Employee Agreements

Administrative Employee Group Agreement 2021-2024

Auxiliary Services Employee Group Agreement 2021-2024

KEA Contract 2021-2024

KESSA Work Group Agreement 2021-2024

Secretarial/Clerical Employee Group Agreement

Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans

2018-2021 MESSA ABC Plan 1-Teachers

2018-2021 MESSA ABC Plan 1-Teachers 10% Co-ins.pdf

2018-2021 Dental Insurance Administration Staff

2018-2021 Dental Insurance Full-time Custodian Staff

2018-2021 Dental Insurance Instructional Staff

2018-2021 Dental Insurance Support Staff

2018-2021 Messa Choices

2018-2021 Priority Health SBC Administration Support Staff Secretary

Audit Reports

2019-2020 Audit Report

2018-2019 Audit Report

2017-2018 Audit Report

Employee Compensation

Compensation 2020

Compensation 2019

Compensation 2018

 Compensation 2017

Association Dues Paid with District Funds

Association Dues Paid with District Funds 2019-2020

Association Dues Paid with District Funds 2018-2019

Deficit Elimination Plan

The District has not incurred a deficit.

District Paid Lobbying Cost

The District did not have any lobbying cost in 2019-20

District Credit Card Information

The District does not have district credit cards.

Out-of-State Travel

No out-of-state travel to report in 2019-20

Purchasing Policy

KPS Purchasing Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy


Check Registers

AP Check Register 2019-2020

AP Check Register 2018-2019

AP Check Register 2017-2018

MI School Data Portal

Kelloggsville Public Schools MI School Data


Building Benchmark Goals

Southeast Kelloggsville Elementary

West Kelloggsville Elementary

Central Kelloggsville Elementary

Kelloggsville Middle School

Kelloggsville High School

54th Street Academy