Student Crossing Procedure

Please review these important safety procedures with your children.  Parents who escort their children to and from the bus when crossing must set an example for their children by adhering to these important safety procedures.  Everyone needs to know that not all cars stop as required by state law, even when the red lights are flashing!

When Crossing the street to board a bus…

  • Students wait in groups at the designated bus stop and at least 10 feet away from the edge of the road and wait for the bus driver to signal to cross.
  • Bus drivers will display a sign to indicate when it is safe to cross the street.
  • Once the signal has been given, students should proceed directly across the road, always staying well in front of the bus and boarding immediately.
  • Students should not stop in the middle of the street or cross behind the bus.

When Crossing the street to exit the bus…

  • Students should exit the bus and stand behind the yellow front crossing arm.
  • Students should look at the driver for the signal to cross.
  • Kelloggsville bus drivers use a two-sided paddle to indicate when it is safe to cross.  Red means “STOP” and not to cross the street.  Green means “GO,” and it is safe to cross the street.
  • Never cross behind the bus.
  • If a personal belonging goes under the bus, ask the bus driver for help.

Students are Expected to…

  • Treat others with respect while riding the bus.  This includes other students, the bus driver and bus aide.  Bullying behavior towards others will not be tolerated.
  • Do what the bus driver or bus aide asks of them.
  • Use appropriate language at all times and use an “inside” voice when talking to other students.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking and chewing gum while riding the bus.
  • Remain seated until it is time for you to exit the bus or the bus driver gives you permission to move.
  • Keep their head, hands and feet inside the bus at all times.  
  • Be responsible for any intentional damage to the interior or exterior of the bus, and are expected to pay for such damage.  Restitution for damages may be required before riding privileges resume.
  • Get to their bus stop at least 5 minutes before scheduled pick-up time.  The bus will not wait for late students.  Students should stay out of the street while waiting at their bus stop.
  • Cross the street, using the crossing procedure outlined in this manual.
  • Limit objects that are brought on the bus to items that can be safely carried by your student.  Do not bring items on the bus that could affect the health and safety of others.  This includes cologne and perfume, as well as large items like scooters and skateboards.
  • Do not get mail from the mailbox until after the bus has left.

Kristin Nickelson

Director of Transportation