Mental Health

School-Based Mental Health Services

Kelloggsville has received a grant to offer free mental health services to students in the district. Currently, this service is available to middle and elementary-aged students. Under this grant, the clinicians, employed by Family Outreach Center, are able to meet with the students during the school day, typically weekly or bi-weekly, to address mental health needs. To begin, parents must meet with the clinician for a one-hour intake appointment, then the clinician can meet with the student during school hours. 


Under this grant, mental health services are only available during the school day. This service does not include on-call crisis services, psychiatric support, or in-home/family support services. Clinicians typically meet with students once a week or bi-weekly, unlike home-based services which allow the clinician to meet with the student multiple times a week.

If you have a high school student who you believe could benefit from the level of care provided by the school-based clinicians or you would like services immediately and your elementary or middle school clinician currently have waiting lists due to a high volume of clients, please contact the following organizations for outpatient services: 

Your student would benefit from an evaluation for mental health services if they: 
  • Experience persistent sadness (2 or more weeks) that has caused a loss of interest in things they used to enjoy, avoidance of or withdrawal from social activities, etc.
  • Hurt themselves or talk about hurting themselves or others
  • Talk about death or suicide
  • Frequent outbursts/tantrums, extreme irritability, or out-of-control behavior toward peers or adults
  • Difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • Changes in eating habits, sudden loss of weight, or fear of gaining weight
  • Frequent, unexplainable stomach aches or headaches (with no medical cause)
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Changes in academic performance
  • Demonstrate frequent failure to follow directions or oppositional behavior toward authority figures (teachers, parents) more than other kids their age
  • Say they hear or see things that others cannot see or hear, or that someone is trying to control their mind
  • Engage in risky or destructive behavior alone or with friends (substance use, property damage, harm to self or others, etc.)


Free therapy services are available at the middle and elementary schools in the district. If you are interested in your child engaging in these services, please contact: 

  • Kelloggsville High School Clinician: Samantha Southard
  • Kelloggsville Middle School Clinician: Amy Waldo  at 616-970-2805 or
  • Central Kelloggsville Elementary Clinician: Carrie Muller
  • Southeast Kelloggsville Elementary Clinician: Emily Berles
  • West Kelloggsville Elementary Clinician: Samantha Wanders  

If your student is experiencing mental health challenges that you feel would be better addressed at a higher level of care, such as through in-home services, crisis services, psychiatric support, or services that can provide more comprehensive family support services, you can contact Network180 for more information or to schedule an assessment using the following contact information:

Network180 Access Center

790 Fuller Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 336-3909

Virtual Counseling Offices

West Kelloggsville Elementary

West Virtual Counseling Office

Kelloggsville Middle School 

KMS Virtual Counseling Office

Kelloggsville High School 

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