Rocket Recognition

During our board meeting on March 25, 2024, we proudly recognized our Rocket Recognition Program honorees for the 2023/2024 school year. After thoughtful deliberation, the selection committee identified four individuals whose unwavering commitment stood out and deserved acknowledgment this quarter. Below are the recipients' names, along with some remarks highlighting their consistent dedication. As you encounter them, please extend your appreciation for their invaluable contributions to our vibrant community at Kelloggsville—their efforts truly make it shine!
Lindsey Lee, Speech Therapist  

Her contributions and impact include:

  • She has a kind and calming presence in the buildings where she works and always has a positive attitude.

  • She is highly organized and knowledgeable about special education and speech/language services and supports the students well on her caseload. 

  • She is reliable. She always follows through when asked to do something.  

    • She has also mentored and supported several other speech and language pathologists in the district.  

  • She advocates for students who need extra support and always has helpful suggestions for assisting students.  

    • The students respond exceptionally well to her and look forward to working with her during their speech sessions. 

    • She challenges the students while ensuring they feel safe and successful. 

“We are grateful to have Lindsey as a colleague and advocate for our students.  She is not often recognized for everything she does behind the scenes, and she incredibly deserves this recognition!” 

“Lindsey is such a gift to our students and staff.”

Jared Mills, Student Services Coordinator, Middle School -

His contributions and impact include:

  • He is willing to step up to the plate and do anything asked of him, always smiling. 

  • Jared has taken on extra duties while maintaining the duties he previously had, for example:

    • He has taken over the MS truancy program, which involves contacting parents, guardians, students, and ISD staff, documenting, and filing for truancy as necessary.

    • Assists with student monitoring (before/after school and lunch for all grades)

    • Works with individual and small groups of students as asked.

    • Coaches baseball

“Jared wears many hats here at KMS and never complains one bit. We are thankful to have him as part of our KMS family!

Twylia Dykhouse, Elementary Teacher at Central Elementary - 

Her contributions and impact include:

  • She sets herself apart by doing everything she can to reach the students and to ensure their success. For example:

    • Reaching out to parents

    • Building solid relationships with students while maintaining high expectations for all students.

    • Approaches intervention and support staff with concerns or wants to brainstorm ways to help her student.  

  • Twyila attends after-school sporting events, participates in committees, helps plan field trips, and holds tutoring after school for her students.  

“Twylia does it consistently and expects no recognition for this, as she just wants to reach each student personally and meaningfully. “

Lisa Corrigan, High School Math Teacher 

Her contributions and impact include:

  • Lisa is always a kind and cheerful person in the building!

  • Lisa is always willing to help with all the little things at the High School. For example:

    • Lisa is on several committees:

      • Pride

      • Rocket 11

      • School Improvement

      • Leader in the Math Dept.

      • Leads Student Council

    • She does all this while still finding time to attend sports events or activities for students who ask.

  • Lisa always builds relationships with students before, during, and after school. Many kids want to hang out with her and go to her for non-school-related questions.

“Lisa is always positive. She is "THAT" staff member anybody can go to and feel comfortable with.”

“She is an asset to Kelloggsville and cares about our district.”

To the winners - thank you for your work and dedication to the students, parents, guardians, and staff of Kelloggsville! Your efforts on a day-to-day basis make this a fantastic place to work.