KVS Enrollment

Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are now open!

Steps for Enrollment

Step 1: KVS Application & Screener

Students must complete the KVS application & screener and the Kelloggsville Public School Enrollment process. The below application & screener is for informational purposes.  Answer the questions honestly to determine if online learning is best for you and your student.

Step 2: District Registration

All new Kelloggsville students must complete this registration. You will be able to utilize our online enrollment process once it is live. You will need to complete the forms located there as well as upload the following:

  • (2) Proofs of Residency (photocopy of a utility bill, house buy/rental agreement)
  • Photocopy of your child’s original birth certificate
  • Up-to-date Immunization Record or Waiver
  • Additional documents (if applicable, examples: transcripts (for secondary students), IEP, 504 plans, etc.)
Step 3: Review of All Documents

Once steps 1 & 2 are completed, our staff will review all the documentation to make sure it has been received. Once that is complete, we will reach out if there are any additional documents that we will need to finalize enrollment.

Step 4: Acceptance to KVS

After everything has been reviewed and received, our staff will reach out and inform the family regarding the acceptance of the student(s) into the program!

Students may enroll in the program at the beginning of each school year during the enrollment period and are expected to stay for the entire year. Exceptions can be reviewed by the administration each semester.


  • Each student & (1) parent/guardian is required to attend a 1-day in-person orientation. If an in-person orientation is not an option, the student must follow a virtual orientation and complete the orientation quiz with a passing score of 75% or higher. The parent/guardian can also attend a virtual orientation where paperwork will follow the completion of the virtual meeting.
  • The student & parent/guardian will both sign a technology agreement and time commitment agreement forms during the orientation. 
  • The student will need to agree to work and communicate daily with their teachers and mentors to satisfy attendance and course requirements.
  • The student will receive a handbook and all accompanying forms to sign and complete.
  • The student will choose their schedule of courses during their credit audit meeting.
  • Email Beth Travis at btravis@kvilleps.org to schedule your credit audit!

District Right to Denial: The District may deny a student enrollment in an on-line course if any of the following apply, as determined by the District:

  • The district determined that the enrollment is inappropriate for a student who is enrolled in any of grades K-5. OR The on-line course is inconsistent with the remaining graduation requirements or career interests of the student.
  • The student has previously gained the credits that would be provided from the completion of the virtual course. 
  • The student does not possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful or has demonstrated failure in previous virtual coursework in the same subject within the two most recent academic years. 
  • The online course is of insufficient quality or rigor. If the District denies a student enrollment for this reason, the District shall make a reasonable effort to assist the student to find an alternative course in the same or a similar subject that is of acceptable rigor and quality.
  • The virtual enrollment request did not occur within the same timelines established for enrollment (academic term, semester, or summer preceding the enrollment) and schedule changes for regular courses. Michigan Department of Education Pupil Accounting Manual Virtual Learning Options 5-O-D-5. This does not apply to a request made by a student who is newly enrolled in the district.  
  • The course has reached capacity and the district has restricted enrollment to resident applicants.

If a student is denied enrollment in an online course by the District, the student or parent/guardian may appeal the denial by submitting a letter to the Superintendent or designee. The appeal must include the reason provided by the District for not enrolling the student and the reason why the student is claiming that the enrollment should be approved.

Appeals Process:

If a student is denied enrollment by the District, the parent/ guardian may appeal on the students' behalf by submitting a letter to the Superintendent or designee. The appeal must include the reason provided by the District for not enrolling the student and the reason why the student is claiming that the enrollment should be approved. The Superintendent or designee shall respond to the appeal within five (5) days after it is received. 

Written communication can be mailed or dropped off in-person to:

Kelloggsville Board of Education Center
℅ KVS Denial Appeal- Superintendent or Designee
242- 52nd Street SE, Kentwood, MI 49548

*For more information please refer to Kelloggsville Public School Board Policy 2370.01